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20 mins in the snow..NOT supermom!

It’s only 2pm, and it’s already been an eventful day in this household. When it snows here, I get to play single parent. My husband is off to work from the first drop of snow, until a few hours after the last. We have had some very long winters! We, meaning me and my son. He has been begging me since he woke up this morning to go play in the snow. I don’t know what it is, maybe I am lazy, I don’t like the cold, I am not as young and playful as I used to be, or maybe it’s PMS, but this is one thing that is more of a chore to me. Layer upon layer of clothing, getting snow in your boots, frostbite on the tips of my fingers, chapped burning face, and stripping off the wet clothing and dragging it into the house. I realize that I am not supermom! Having an only child is tough. At times you are forced to be their playmate and their parent.

It started this morning with my husband opening and closing his dresser drawers violently and making enough noise to wake up the neighborhood. I wake to tell him that I am going to burn that dresser down and he snaps at me saying “what do you care, you get to sleep all day and I have to go to work!” Have a nice day asshole. I never did fall asleep after that. I ran out before the snow got too bad, so I could stock up on iced coffee (because I run on Dunkin’) and it’s like I am catatonic without my first injection of caffeine. I put some chicken concoction in the crock pot (which smells really good right now by the way!) , went in the basement and did a load of laundry, cleaned up dog poop, handled the recyclables, went back in the basement to hit a switch in the fusebox because I blew a fuse and all the while hearing the kid “when are we going to go outside?”.

So finally, I brought him outside…..

The dog frolicking!

Mad because we had to go in!

My crap attempt at shoveling

Maybe we'll come back out later....

He was not happy that we had to come in. But I couldn’t feel my fingers…Isotoner driving gloves are not made for shoveling or playing in the snow.

I feel bad, I really do..I will read with him, color,  play games, and take him places, but I am just not one for playing in the snow. After being inside for 10 minutes, he was already asking when we could go back outside…ugh…

Let me tell you something about my 5 year old. He is snarky, fresh and has the attitude problem of a 15 year old. He tries to boss me around, asking me to do things for him when he is capable, and mimics me when I try to be stern with him. I don’t know if it’s a phase, I sure do hope so, but I am raising my son differently than I was raised. If I talked to my mother and father the way he talks to me sometimes, I would get the threat of the good ol’ belt! I never really got the belt, I think I was just too cute, but my brother did on a couple of occasions so I knew the threat was real!

He doesn’t always verbally abuse me, he is sweet and caring most times and pretty much my shadow everywhere I go. But today, today he has just been straight up bad! I reached my breaking point and had enough so I sent him to his room.

His room

I know, not much of a punishment with all of them toys. But to him, if he can’t be right by my side nagging me, it is punishment. Right now, he is literally climbing all over the arms of my computer chair watching what I am doing out of the corner of his eye while Sprout TV keeps him entertained.

While he was being “punished” he yelled “sorry mom, i’m sorry!”  from his room. Asking when he could come out, and then ran out to  bring me this thinking that he could pull at my heartstrings, and he did..



So, I sit here feeling bad that I am not the perfect playmate for my son.  I know that he made this note for me to weasel his way out of his “punishment”, but he makes me notes like this all of the time even when he is not in trouble. So even though I feel like I am not supermom, and never claim to be, my 5 year old son Michael gives me little reminders that to him, I must be!

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Boredom ensues….

It’s midnight, and I am sitting here bored out of my mind. Granted, I have about 4 games of Words with Friends going on right now, but my brain can only tolerate so much. Besides, I have this weird theory that if you use your brain too much you’re more prone to Alzheimers. I had been wanting to write something, but I couldn’t think of a topic and then it dawned on me. I don’t really need a topic, right? So here I sit…writing……

My 5 year old son had the stomach flu recently, which makes me want to tell everyone to do the world a favor and wash your damn nasty hands! Yes, you..your hands are nasty. You touch doorknobs, elevator buttons, shopping carts, and who else knows what you do when we’re not looking. After three days of cleaning up vomit and diarrhea, I was finally ready to send him back to school with a face mask. You know, looking like he was a Japanese exchange student and there was a potential SARS outbreak at the elementary school. I am still traumatized from seeing a pack of Japanese tourists in Las Vegas during the whole SARS epidemic! I ran away fast as if it were 1981 and someone told me they had HIV. Anyway, I packed extra clothing in his backpack just in case there was an accident, but he got mad and took it out saying “but I won’t  be able to change at school…MOM!”  And then I thought, yea maybe you’re right. The creepy gym teacher might offer to help. So I left the clothes on the table. Fingers crossed. The whole day, no accidents. Phew…And….I probably just jinxed myself.

So, we finally got the first “real” snowfall of the season. I get excited when I see snow in the forecast, and things look so pretty covered in white. But then reality sets in when I have to trudge through it in the morning and clean the car off. I open the car door and snow falls onto my seat. (that pisses me off!) And if there is a lot of snow, you have to beware the idiot drivers, and risk your life turning out of a side street because you can’t see over the large pile of snow on the corner. This time last year we  already had plentiful amounts of snow, and we were ALL ready for spring! Luckily we haven’t had much bad weather up here in the Northeast this season, but I’ve heard people say “this weather is crazy! maybe doomsday 2012 IS for real!”  I don’t get all that nonsense anyway. It’s always something. After we are all alive and well on Dec. 13th, there will be a new mass hype out there to get peoples feathers ruffled!

So, I just paused to reread this post as I normally would,( believe it or not! ) and I see a theme here. Paranoid much? Wow…

I just turned to look at the TV and there is an MTV True Life show on, I’m in the Marijuana Business. I have already gone through two of the same episode of Jersey Shore back to back,and I still haven’t seen it in it’s entirety,  but I’ve seen this True Life episode before. This guy is afraid to tell his parents that he wants to go into the weed growing business and attend Oaksterdam University (yes, it’s a real place), a couple who obviously hate each other and don’t belong together are on a mission to become the top selling weed infused energy bar makers. Wait, did I just say weed and energy in the same sentence! Sure did! And then there is Ashes, that’s her name. She wants to get out of the weed dealing business but is having a hard time finding a real job. Hmm, maybe the tattoos on your neck, the way you sag your pants and the fact that you haven’t had a job on the “books” in god knows how long are holding you back. Yea, and you might not want to call yourself  “Ashes” on a job application. I’m not judging, i’m just saying.

So the TV is being turned off, and the computer shut down so I can go to bed since I have to get up earlier (which I probably won’t) to clean off my car and get to work on time (which I probably won’t). Nite folks!

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