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Why I am a REAL housewife!

Some may disagree that I am not a housewife because I have a full time job, and I am going to school working towards a better career…however, I beg to differ.

house·wife – /ˈhousˌwīf/ 1. A married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework.

(thank you Google chrome for the definition!)

So yea, out of the 168 hours of the week, I may spend 40 hours at work, and  50 hours sleeping, but the other 78 hours are spent tending to my very rambunctious 5 year old and my 34 year old man child dog and, cooking, budgeting(aka dodging overdraft fees), paying bills, grocery shopping, , laundry..etc..etc..etc…..
Here is my confession. I am obsessed with every Real Housewives show on Bravo. My favorites being Beverly Hills and New Jersey. But, I want to petition that they change the name of the show. Half the women are not even married. They should change it to The Real housewives, divorcees, and baby mama’s of………Okay, I know that doesn’t sound as good, but you catch my drift? Another thing is why don’t they film one in New England? Are they afraid that there may be too many F bombs that they’d have to bleep out?  I know that I would never be cast on that show, the most expensive thing I own is a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses I bought at Sunglass Hut a year ago.

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 11:  Cast members...

What it would be like to have “rich people problems”….
What dress do I wear to my friend’s daughter’s baptism-the Chanel with the Prada heels, or the Dior gown with the Louboutin pumps?
Will my stylist arrive in time to finish my hair and makeup before my friends arrive for the dinner party that I am throwing, where my personal chef will be preparing all of his best dishes?
Should we take the Range Rover or the limo?
Those options would be fabulous, and I am not going to lie and say that I wouldn’t love to have to decide between those things, BUT that will never be me and I accept that. I have a holiday party to go to tomorrow night at a friend’s house and this is what I will be doing to prepare.
I will reach in to my closet (because I can’t walk into it) and grab my new Angels jeans I bought at Kohls the other day I bought for $7.20 from the clearance rack and with a coupon!
I will run the brush through my hair for a little more volume after falling limp from running around all day, and touch up the makeup that I applied in the morning while asking my five year old to get dressed umpteen times.
I will most likely carpool with my two friends Toni and Tracy in Tracy’s 1998 Ford Expedition (sorry Tracy, I’m sure she still runs great!)

I will pop a frozen dinner in the microwave for my husband, because he will NEVER cook for himself.

And most of all I will have a lovely time with great friends , not having to worry about which one is talking about the shoes I am wearing, or the outfit I have on.
This is what makes me (and my friends) REAL housewives, and this is what Bravo would get if they came to New England!
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