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I’m sorry, I was playing Words with Friends…

Words With Friends

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This is what I have been saying lately, since discovering the Words with friends app on facebook. I never had the ability to play from my phone, and since playing on Facebook, I have, well lets just say, been slacking at life. Sure, let’s add something else for the technology addicted person.

To my 5 year old: I’m sorry that I didn’t make you dinner tonight, but I was playing Words with Friends.

To my husband: I’m sorry that I didn’t do laundry this weekend and that you have no clean underwear, but I was playing Words with friends.

To my boss:  I’m so sorry I didn’t get my paperwork done, but you know, (I wasn’t playing words with friends), I was just very behind and overwhelmed.  Can’t admit THAT to my boss, I’m no dummy!

And of course to you all: Sorry, I was playing this awful game and couldn’t think of anything to write except a few 3-4 letter words, and where am I going to place that damn Z?!

What is it about this game that’s  got me so hooked? Do people think they can spell, because honestly I see what you write in some of your Facebook posts.  We hated doing this stuff in school. But there’s just something about the challenge of creating a 60pt word and feeling victorious! However, I suck royally at this game, and all I ever smell is defeat. Even though I was the Spelling Bee champion 3 years in a row at an urban public middle school. Just sayin..

Wow, that's all I can say..

So far I have only won 3 out of 10 games! But what gets me about this game, is that I have a feeling people cheat. Is it just that I can’t believe I haven’t won more, or is it true that they do? I mean, some of these words I’ve never heard of, and I am guilty of just placing tiles to see if they do make words, but how many people actually will google letter combinations, or have an app on their phone. I wonder.  I can’t do it though, I feel that if I cheated I wouldn’t feel as victorious if I did actually win a game! But hmm, I can only take embarrasment so much that maybe cheating just once would be okay? Maybe? Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win.. remember that kids..whatever that means..

Well, I am hoping one day I will grow out of this WWF phase and get back to “normal” , but until then I will keep playing, keep getting beat, and keep sucking at life.

I gotta go now, It’s my turn!

p.s. I avoided any bad Alec Baldwin jokes because I just couldn’t think of anything..and I really like him…and I can see why he got all po’ed when asked to put his phone down on the airplane.. it wasn’t entitlement it was  WWF!!

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