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Feed the Children

No, this is not some Sally Struthers commercial from back in the day, even though I miss those commercials. Is it bad that I would laugh when i saw them? Not at the children of course, because it is heartbreaking. And I’m not laughing at the parody’s that were made to poke fun at her weight (because honestly I’m not far from her at her biggest). I guess it’s just her name, Sally Struthers. Whatever the case, I am at wit’s end as to what to feed my 5-year-old son!

English: Sally Struthers at the Filmex Tribute...

He is the pickiest eater….Just today I came home from the grocery store, and as he is helping,  peeking at the food that I brought home, he starts scolding me saying I didn’t buy him anything for dinner, all I bought him was junk. “Mom, do you really want me to eat junk for dinner?!” He yells. Really kid? Because last time I checked, that’s all that you eat! Here is what he eats, and will not stray from the menu. Now please don’t judge me for what he eats, he is eating and that is what matters, otherwise he would be one of those children in the Sally Struthers commercials!

Lunchables- Nastiest thing on the planet. Bologna, turkey, ham in circle shapes with some crackers and a ridiculously sized chunk of cheese.

Hot Dogs- I don’t mind he eat these, but I have to pay almost 5 dollars a package for all beef.

Macaroni and Cheese- The most processed thing on the shelf. Makes you wonder how they get that orange color. If I try to stray from the Kraft and make him organic, he won’t eat it. Sometimes I will throw a hot dog in there. Barf

Kids Cuisine- Nothing says yumminess like a microwaved meal. Really, he hardly ever eats them and only wants them for the puzzles on the back, the chance to win prizes, and the gummy snacks that come with them. Waste of money!

Kids Meals and Happy Meals from our local fast food chains-I don’t think I even need to get into why these are not a good choice.

That about sums it up. Nutritious eh? I have done research on how to get him to try new things. Sometimes he is willing, but most times he is not. Luckily he has the metabolism of my husband (who is 6 feet and 140 pounds) otherwise I am sure I will be having to think of a way to get him to exercise without screwing him up and giving him a body image issue and low self-esteem.

He does like some healthy things. Blueberries, carrots, and grapes. But that’s about it. So I go broke buying these things just so I can make sure he is getting something nutritious into his body.

I am hoping that this is a phase, as with everything else he tortures me with, and that eventually he will try healthier things. I was the same way as a child, just a little different. I would eat the same thing every night until I got sick of it. My mom and dad would argue because even though she would cook a five course meal for the rest of the family she would have to make me french toast every night for a week!

So it makes me wonder, am I just like my mother?? Am I an enabler? Could I try harder? Sometimes we do things out of convenience, so is it just that it’s more convenient for me? I do try, but I feel like I don’t try hard enough. What things do you do to try to get your picky eater to try new things?


One frustrated mom!

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