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Quick PSA

So, I am new to this blog world and I am sure that there are certain “rules” or things that I should know, but I don’t. One thing I do know now is, do not put up a post with the words “naked” and “children” in it. I am going to be deleting a post I previously wrote about what age it is appropriate to stop dressing in front of your children. Here is why. This wordpress site is very good at giving me statistics. It will tell me how many people have viewed each post. It also tells me how they found my posts. Well, since posting the one referenced I have found two alarming search inquiries. After the first one I changed the name of my post because someone found me on a canadian Yahoo search buy typing in “naked for mommy”. That was not the title of my post, but those words were in it in a much less disgusting way! I was completely appalled, disgusted and mortified.  And just today, another person found the same post by searching on an Australian google page “naked young kids”. Completely appalled, disgusted, and mortified again x20!! So now it is being deleted forever.

I could make this page private, but what I am going to do instead is keep those words in this post so if someone does come across it while searching for  something else, I can tell them  “You make me sick, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself”. There are worse things that I could say, but I would like to keep my composure and let them stay in my head. I would like to tell them that they need help, but unfortunately there is no help for them.

The government cannot protect us from these bottom feeders of the Earth. We are responsible for protecting our own children. Yes, I could seem paranoid about the whole thing, but I’d rather be paranoid than naive. Don’t “trust” people because it’s more convenient for you. Get to know the people that your children are going to be around.  Talk to your kids  about their  private parts and how to protect themselves, especially at a young age.  As they get older, monitor what they do on the internet.

I have worked in human services for 8 years, and I can’t tell you how many people I have worked with who have been sexually abused by, (and I hate to say this), a family member. It happens more than you know. I have also worked with registered sex offenders who have also abused their own family members, or children that they have been “trusted” with. There are two types of predators out there. The one who plans out what they are going to do, and the one who acts impulsively. Both are equally dangerous and just as sick. So please, protect your children. It’s hard to know who is a pedophile and who isn’t just by looking at them (my husband would argue on that), but all I can say is trust your gut, it’s usually right.



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