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“Defriending” on Facebook

So, I defriended someone today on facebook. I don’t normally do this, because I always feel like they are going to know and it’s going to be awkward when we run into each other. But you know what? When you run into someone who is a facebook friend, and it IS awkward because they don’t even say hello, then off the list they go!

But I wish that there was some sort of drop down menu to select from when you defriend someone. If there were, I would like to add these as the options

a. You are just too weird

b. I can’t stand the constant overly dramatic posts, and you need meds

c. You stalk my page, and I know this because you commented on a photo I posted 6 months ago

D. You didn’t say hi to me when we ran into each other in public

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The reason I defriended someone today is because of D. Let me tell you what happened. I was walking into the gas station, and I saw her walking out so I politely (as I always do) hold the door for her. I noticed it was an old friend from high school, and I said hello. She avoided eye contact at all costs and said “thank you”  WHAT??!! I felt like running over to her and saying, I said HELLO dammit!! But I didn’t. Why should I chase her down to simply acknowledge me? Even after I left, she was still there putting windshield washer fluid in her car and STILL could give a crap.

Now this wasn’t just some person in high school that I would pass in the hallway and say hi, or occasionally eat lunch with, but a good friend that I spent alot of time with. We used to borrow clothing, share tapes,  yes tapes, and CD’s, and party together. Well, i guess I forgot to give her back her Tribe Called Quest tape, because one time YEARS after high school I ran into her again while I was working at Circuit City. There wasn’t no hello, how have you been, what have you been up to…It was, “do you still have my Tribe Called Quest Tape?” I felt like saying NO, but we have the CD over in the music department. Really lady? Friends borrow stuff and don’t give them back, don’t you know? Just the other day I saw my friend wearing a sweater and I said, hey that looks familiar…It was a sweater I let her borrow almost 10 years ago!! (and before you say anything, even though it was a sweater from a decade ago, it wasn’t “out of date”)

The Lost Tribes (album)

So, facebook, please add a drop down menu so while defriending people  we can tell them just how bad they suck!


Circuit City Pluggie mascot used from 1998 to ...


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7 thoughts on ““Defriending” on Facebook

  1. I love reading your blogs and this one was great! I have unfriended people for several reasons and a drop down menu would be AWESOME! Love the pics to go along w/ the blog!

    • Jeanne on said:

      Thanks for reading Lisa and glad you enjoy them! I’m guilty of being a little passive at times, but a drop down menu would be fantastic!!

  2. The drop down defriender is an excellent idea. I have been defriended several times by the same friend. I also noticed that I was defriended by a girl who I thought was a friend and I have no idea in the world as to why she defriended me. Ya never know with people. May I offended her is some way.Oh well I guess people have their reasons and you just have to let it be sometimes. I need to know who the rude witch was who ignored you today. She obviously hasn’t evolved much since high school with her high school behavior. Sucks to be her. 😦

  3. Wow I just read over what I wrote and I mad e a few errors. Sorry tehehe

  4. She deserved it. AND….She will act like she doesn’t notice, but she does.

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