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Heaven and Hell…..

I heard this from a coworker today, and I just wanted to share…..I can’t find the original author, so I will give my coworker the credit! haha!

I am not a racist, nor am I’s just humor people..laugh a little….

Heaven and Hell

Heaven is where…

The police are British

The mechanics are German

The cooks are French

The lovers are Italian

The teenagers are Japanese

The movie makers are American

The musicians are Russian

The women are Swedish

And the whole thing is organized by the Swiss

Hell is where….

The police are German

The mechanics are French

The cooks are British

The lovers are Swiss

The teenagers are American

The movie makers are Japanese

The musicians are Swedish

The women are Russian

And the whole thing is organized by Italians…

-Co-worker ‘o mine


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5 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell…..

  1. Love it. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell. Not as great as heaven if they read your post. Okay…now I sound racist and mean.

  2. lol.. all those stereotypes are true..

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