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C’est la vie!

I haven’t been much in the mood for writing these days. Haven’t really felt passionate about anything. Maybe I am going through something, and I am hoping to dig deep and pull myself out of it.

In the past couple of months I have not been dealt a good hand.  I’ve had to face some emotionally difficult situations, and relive some painful memories. I have also been trying to get myself on a career path that seems to be taking forever, but also  financially it seems almost impossible. The company I work for is struggling financially and it’s affecting all of it’s employees. I see my co-workers unhappy and that pains me, since work has usually been a place for me to escape but it’s been hard because as they say “misery loves company”. And since I am an emotional eater, I have completely disregarded my health by cramming whatever I can down my throat on a daily basis and not exercising.

I know things could be worse, I understand that, but this is my reality for the moment and I would never minimize any one else’s situation. I am not looking for sympathy, merely just venting. I guess you could call this a therapy session! I have endured many emotionally crippling  things already in my life thus far. A near fatal car accident, loss of a child, death of a parent, and a substance abuse problem of a close family member..and I am sure that this is just another bump in the road,  but how many more bumps can my vehicle handle before it falls apart?

The answer to that is maintenance. Just like a car needs maintenance to prevent it from falling apart, I also need to maintain myself. Take care of my health, continue with my goals even if they do have to be put on hold for a while, and do my very best that I can at the job I have now despite the situation and low morale.

So, if you too are struggling, remember that this is life! We are going to go on a roller coaster ride, even if you do not like roller coasters.

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Set goals but make sure they are reachable. Take care of your health because above  all that is the most important. Without a sound mind, body and soul one cannot perform and function at their very best without cracking. Be grateful for the things that you do have, because somewhere, someone out there doesn’t have anything at all.

And  when life beats you down….lend a hand or share a story, helping others is a good way to boost your mood..if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it you must accept it. Stay positive. I am positive that things will get better. If not all things, at least some. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “C’est la vie!

  1. Erin DeMelo on said:

    I really enjoy reading your posts. They make me laugh! You have the gift of writing! I hope you keep up with this. Your stories are well written and I look forward to reading them! 🙂


  2. Well said!!! U r so right!

  3. Lindsay on said:

    Thanks Jeanne, I can’t help but feel like this post has me in mind. I know things can always be worse, thanks for the reminder!

  4. from your mouth to god’s ear!

  5. “So, if you too are struggling, remember that this is life! We are going to go on a roller coaster ride, even if you do not like roller coasters.”
    Wonderfully put!

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