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I’m sorry, I was playing Words with Friends…

Words With Friends

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This is what I have been saying lately, since discovering the Words with friends app on facebook. I never had the ability to play from my phone, and since playing on Facebook, I have, well lets just say, been slacking at life. Sure, let’s add something else for the technology addicted person.

To my 5 year old: I’m sorry that I didn’t make you dinner tonight, but I was playing Words with Friends.

To my husband: I’m sorry that I didn’t do laundry this weekend and that you have no clean underwear, but I was playing Words with friends.

To my boss:  I’m so sorry I didn’t get my paperwork done, but you know, (I wasn’t playing words with friends), I was just very behind and overwhelmed.  Can’t admit THAT to my boss, I’m no dummy!

And of course to you all: Sorry, I was playing this awful game and couldn’t think of anything to write except a few 3-4 letter words, and where am I going to place that damn Z?!

What is it about this game that’s  got me so hooked? Do people think they can spell, because honestly I see what you write in some of your Facebook posts.  We hated doing this stuff in school. But there’s just something about the challenge of creating a 60pt word and feeling victorious! However, I suck royally at this game, and all I ever smell is defeat. Even though I was the Spelling Bee champion 3 years in a row at an urban public middle school. Just sayin..

Wow, that's all I can say..

So far I have only won 3 out of 10 games! But what gets me about this game, is that I have a feeling people cheat. Is it just that I can’t believe I haven’t won more, or is it true that they do? I mean, some of these words I’ve never heard of, and I am guilty of just placing tiles to see if they do make words, but how many people actually will google letter combinations, or have an app on their phone. I wonder.  I can’t do it though, I feel that if I cheated I wouldn’t feel as victorious if I did actually win a game! But hmm, I can only take embarrasment so much that maybe cheating just once would be okay? Maybe? Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win.. remember that kids..whatever that means..

Well, I am hoping one day I will grow out of this WWF phase and get back to “normal” , but until then I will keep playing, keep getting beat, and keep sucking at life.

I gotta go now, It’s my turn!

p.s. I avoided any bad Alec Baldwin jokes because I just couldn’t think of anything..and I really like him…and I can see why he got all po’ed when asked to put his phone down on the airplane.. it wasn’t entitlement it was  WWF!!

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Username and password overload

With the ever changing abundant use of technology these days, it’s no wonder our brains aren’t fried yet. I know many of you out there like myself  suffer from what I like to call UPO or Username password overload.

English: A Master padlock with "r00t"...

For me, it starts first thing in the morning. When I get up, I just HAVE  to log into my Facebook  to take my turn in Words with Friends and to see who commented on anything I may have posted the night before. Okay, don’t judge me, I know you do it too. Then, I check my bank statement  to make sure that I haven’t overdrawn my account yet before payday and that I have enough in there to buy my morning coffee so I don’t have to rob my child’s piggy bank. After that, I might check Twitter.. just because. Then my AOL,  Verizon, and Gmail mailboxes because maybe I got a new coupon that I could use (for some reason most coupons come through at 3am, weird), or I could get some information on an actual legit work from home business and I wouldn’t have to go to work! So, before I head to the office I have already entered 6 different combinations of usernames and passwords. These are fairly easy to remember since I am using them daily, and most likely more than once. But it gets trickier as the day goes on….

I get to work and it’s time to log into my netbook provided to me by the company. Before I can even get into my company email, I have to enter 3 different combos of usernames and passwords  just to get there! I am one of those people at work that hardly logs in and checks their email. I am the one that the MIS department sends emails out to remind people to clean up their inbox. As of right now, I have about 1,000 messages in my inbox, and about 2,000 in my deleted file! So that tells you I am a major slacker and  when logging into my netbook, I have to really think hard about what my login info is. Most times I get locked out for too many attempts and then have to track someone down to reset me. Super annoying. How am I supposed to get any work done? Sheesh…

I pay all of my bills online. Why not? It saves time and money, and it lets me get by without worrying if I sent the check out too early and taking the risk of it bouncing! (i’m terrible at saving money!) But, it can get quite bothersome when you have to log into your-utilities, cable, credit cards, car loans, cell phone, and insurance policy websites. Did I use this email address or that email address? Is there a capital letter in my password and is it 5 digits or 6 digits, or a combination of letters, numbers, and sometimes special characters?? Overload!!

Username and/or password incorrect. Are you kidding me? Which one is it username OR password for crying out loud?! How am I supposed to remember? Sure, I could write them all down on one piece of paper, but then where did I put it? I will never keep my computer logged into a site, or let Google chrome remember my password. That to me is a hackers paradise. I also don’t want to use the same username and password for every site either because I feel that if they can hack into one account with that info, they are going to check to see if it works on another.

Miraculously, I am able to remember my usernames and passwords 95% of the time. Occasionally I will forget one or two, and then scramble to find the piece of paper that I actually did write it down on. There are still some other sites that I use occasionally that I didn’t mention above and sometimes those make up the other 5% like Netflix, a rewards program website, myfitnesspal, my 401k account, YouTube, etc…It just kills me to have to re-enter my account info, check my email on how to reset my account, and answer questions like what was the name of your first pet, or what street did you grow up on?

But we do it… HOW do we do it? Our brains are on overload yet they still manage to remember a variety of letters, numbers and characters  for 20 different websites yet  sometimes I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner the night before! And to think, in high school I had to have the maintenance man come and break the lock off of my locker a number of times because I couldn’t remember the combo!

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“Defriending” on Facebook

So, I defriended someone today on facebook. I don’t normally do this, because I always feel like they are going to know and it’s going to be awkward when we run into each other. But you know what? When you run into someone who is a facebook friend, and it IS awkward because they don’t even say hello, then off the list they go!

But I wish that there was some sort of drop down menu to select from when you defriend someone. If there were, I would like to add these as the options

a. You are just too weird

b. I can’t stand the constant overly dramatic posts, and you need meds

c. You stalk my page, and I know this because you commented on a photo I posted 6 months ago

D. You didn’t say hi to me when we ran into each other in public

Facebook logo


The reason I defriended someone today is because of D. Let me tell you what happened. I was walking into the gas station, and I saw her walking out so I politely (as I always do) hold the door for her. I noticed it was an old friend from high school, and I said hello. She avoided eye contact at all costs and said “thank you”  WHAT??!! I felt like running over to her and saying, I said HELLO dammit!! But I didn’t. Why should I chase her down to simply acknowledge me? Even after I left, she was still there putting windshield washer fluid in her car and STILL could give a crap.

Now this wasn’t just some person in high school that I would pass in the hallway and say hi, or occasionally eat lunch with, but a good friend that I spent alot of time with. We used to borrow clothing, share tapes,  yes tapes, and CD’s, and party together. Well, i guess I forgot to give her back her Tribe Called Quest tape, because one time YEARS after high school I ran into her again while I was working at Circuit City. There wasn’t no hello, how have you been, what have you been up to…It was, “do you still have my Tribe Called Quest Tape?” I felt like saying NO, but we have the CD over in the music department. Really lady? Friends borrow stuff and don’t give them back, don’t you know? Just the other day I saw my friend wearing a sweater and I said, hey that looks familiar…It was a sweater I let her borrow almost 10 years ago!! (and before you say anything, even though it was a sweater from a decade ago, it wasn’t “out of date”)

The Lost Tribes (album)

So, facebook, please add a drop down menu so while defriending people  we can tell them just how bad they suck!


Circuit City Pluggie mascot used from 1998 to ...


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20 mins in the snow..NOT supermom!

It’s only 2pm, and it’s already been an eventful day in this household. When it snows here, I get to play single parent. My husband is off to work from the first drop of snow, until a few hours after the last. We have had some very long winters! We, meaning me and my son. He has been begging me since he woke up this morning to go play in the snow. I don’t know what it is, maybe I am lazy, I don’t like the cold, I am not as young and playful as I used to be, or maybe it’s PMS, but this is one thing that is more of a chore to me. Layer upon layer of clothing, getting snow in your boots, frostbite on the tips of my fingers, chapped burning face, and stripping off the wet clothing and dragging it into the house. I realize that I am not supermom! Having an only child is tough. At times you are forced to be their playmate and their parent.

It started this morning with my husband opening and closing his dresser drawers violently and making enough noise to wake up the neighborhood. I wake to tell him that I am going to burn that dresser down and he snaps at me saying “what do you care, you get to sleep all day and I have to go to work!” Have a nice day asshole. I never did fall asleep after that. I ran out before the snow got too bad, so I could stock up on iced coffee (because I run on Dunkin’) and it’s like I am catatonic without my first injection of caffeine. I put some chicken concoction in the crock pot (which smells really good right now by the way!) , went in the basement and did a load of laundry, cleaned up dog poop, handled the recyclables, went back in the basement to hit a switch in the fusebox because I blew a fuse and all the while hearing the kid “when are we going to go outside?”.

So finally, I brought him outside…..

The dog frolicking!

Mad because we had to go in!

My crap attempt at shoveling

Maybe we'll come back out later....

He was not happy that we had to come in. But I couldn’t feel my fingers…Isotoner driving gloves are not made for shoveling or playing in the snow.

I feel bad, I really do..I will read with him, color,  play games, and take him places, but I am just not one for playing in the snow. After being inside for 10 minutes, he was already asking when we could go back outside…ugh…

Let me tell you something about my 5 year old. He is snarky, fresh and has the attitude problem of a 15 year old. He tries to boss me around, asking me to do things for him when he is capable, and mimics me when I try to be stern with him. I don’t know if it’s a phase, I sure do hope so, but I am raising my son differently than I was raised. If I talked to my mother and father the way he talks to me sometimes, I would get the threat of the good ol’ belt! I never really got the belt, I think I was just too cute, but my brother did on a couple of occasions so I knew the threat was real!

He doesn’t always verbally abuse me, he is sweet and caring most times and pretty much my shadow everywhere I go. But today, today he has just been straight up bad! I reached my breaking point and had enough so I sent him to his room.

His room

I know, not much of a punishment with all of them toys. But to him, if he can’t be right by my side nagging me, it is punishment. Right now, he is literally climbing all over the arms of my computer chair watching what I am doing out of the corner of his eye while Sprout TV keeps him entertained.

While he was being “punished” he yelled “sorry mom, i’m sorry!”  from his room. Asking when he could come out, and then ran out to  bring me this thinking that he could pull at my heartstrings, and he did..



So, I sit here feeling bad that I am not the perfect playmate for my son.  I know that he made this note for me to weasel his way out of his “punishment”, but he makes me notes like this all of the time even when he is not in trouble. So even though I feel like I am not supermom, and never claim to be, my 5 year old son Michael gives me little reminders that to him, I must be!

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Haiku of the day

I love Haiku, there is so much meaning in so little words….I remember the first time I was challenged to write one in school, but I can’t remember how awful it must have been!!

Here is today’s Haiku I stumbled upon. It is bittersweet, but a reminder of how short and beautiful our life is. This one is dedicated to all my family and friends who have lost a loved one.

Hana to mishi

yuki wa kino zo

moto no mizo

The snow of yesterday

that fell like cherry pedals

is water once again

-Haiku by Gozan (mid 1700’s)

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Heaven and Hell…..

I heard this from a coworker today, and I just wanted to share…..I can’t find the original author, so I will give my coworker the credit! haha!

I am not a racist, nor am I’s just humor people..laugh a little….

Heaven and Hell

Heaven is where…

The police are British

The mechanics are German

The cooks are French

The lovers are Italian

The teenagers are Japanese

The movie makers are American

The musicians are Russian

The women are Swedish

And the whole thing is organized by the Swiss

Hell is where….

The police are German

The mechanics are French

The cooks are British

The lovers are Swiss

The teenagers are American

The movie makers are Japanese

The musicians are Swedish

The women are Russian

And the whole thing is organized by Italians…

-Co-worker ‘o mine

Boredom ensues….

It’s midnight, and I am sitting here bored out of my mind. Granted, I have about 4 games of Words with Friends going on right now, but my brain can only tolerate so much. Besides, I have this weird theory that if you use your brain too much you’re more prone to Alzheimers. I had been wanting to write something, but I couldn’t think of a topic and then it dawned on me. I don’t really need a topic, right? So here I sit…writing……

My 5 year old son had the stomach flu recently, which makes me want to tell everyone to do the world a favor and wash your damn nasty hands! Yes, you..your hands are nasty. You touch doorknobs, elevator buttons, shopping carts, and who else knows what you do when we’re not looking. After three days of cleaning up vomit and diarrhea, I was finally ready to send him back to school with a face mask. You know, looking like he was a Japanese exchange student and there was a potential SARS outbreak at the elementary school. I am still traumatized from seeing a pack of Japanese tourists in Las Vegas during the whole SARS epidemic! I ran away fast as if it were 1981 and someone told me they had HIV. Anyway, I packed extra clothing in his backpack just in case there was an accident, but he got mad and took it out saying “but I won’t  be able to change at school…MOM!”  And then I thought, yea maybe you’re right. The creepy gym teacher might offer to help. So I left the clothes on the table. Fingers crossed. The whole day, no accidents. Phew…And….I probably just jinxed myself.

So, we finally got the first “real” snowfall of the season. I get excited when I see snow in the forecast, and things look so pretty covered in white. But then reality sets in when I have to trudge through it in the morning and clean the car off. I open the car door and snow falls onto my seat. (that pisses me off!) And if there is a lot of snow, you have to beware the idiot drivers, and risk your life turning out of a side street because you can’t see over the large pile of snow on the corner. This time last year we  already had plentiful amounts of snow, and we were ALL ready for spring! Luckily we haven’t had much bad weather up here in the Northeast this season, but I’ve heard people say “this weather is crazy! maybe doomsday 2012 IS for real!”  I don’t get all that nonsense anyway. It’s always something. After we are all alive and well on Dec. 13th, there will be a new mass hype out there to get peoples feathers ruffled!

So, I just paused to reread this post as I normally would,( believe it or not! ) and I see a theme here. Paranoid much? Wow…

I just turned to look at the TV and there is an MTV True Life show on, I’m in the Marijuana Business. I have already gone through two of the same episode of Jersey Shore back to back,and I still haven’t seen it in it’s entirety,  but I’ve seen this True Life episode before. This guy is afraid to tell his parents that he wants to go into the weed growing business and attend Oaksterdam University (yes, it’s a real place), a couple who obviously hate each other and don’t belong together are on a mission to become the top selling weed infused energy bar makers. Wait, did I just say weed and energy in the same sentence! Sure did! And then there is Ashes, that’s her name. She wants to get out of the weed dealing business but is having a hard time finding a real job. Hmm, maybe the tattoos on your neck, the way you sag your pants and the fact that you haven’t had a job on the “books” in god knows how long are holding you back. Yea, and you might not want to call yourself  “Ashes” on a job application. I’m not judging, i’m just saying.

So the TV is being turned off, and the computer shut down so I can go to bed since I have to get up earlier (which I probably won’t) to clean off my car and get to work on time (which I probably won’t). Nite folks!

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Staying “InTouch”

A co-worker left a few of her celebrity gossip magazines at the table yesterday and of course my first reaction was to stop what I was doing and immediately pick one up to read it. I love keeping up with upper crust of society. I like to live vicariously through them, and feel better at the end of the day knowing that they have real life problems like we do! Times a 100!!! But with more money! Once a week I will pick up one of these magazines at the register while unloading my groceries onto the belt. Only the ones with the “real” stories in them, you know? But recently I have refrained. Times are a little tight, and I figured I would save my 2.99 and just follow the celebrity gossip twitter pages on my feed! But there is just something about having that magazine in hand.  I just wanted to share a few thoughts on some of the stories I have read.

First of all the cover shows three “Bachelorette’s” in their bikinis and I can almost guarantee that this edition didn’t fly off the shelves. I don’t know many women who are running out to get that one. As a matter of fact, my coworkers husband actually grabbed this one for her when he was doing a little shopping. Hmm…Besides, I want to read this magazine so I can get the latest celebrity gossip, not to see how these skinny D-list reality celebrity bitches are going to lose weight in the new year! If I wanted to lose weight, I would buy the low-calorie recipe book next to it…morons!

So with that said, let’s get started…(and by the way, I really wanted to add pictures from the magazine to go along with each story, but I don’t know what kind of legalities would come into play if I did that and  i’m broke so I have to watch my back! Instead I grabbed some fair use photos that appear to be safe)

Being a Real Housewives fan, one of my new favorite additions to the show is Brandi Glanville. If you don’t watch the show, she is the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, who left her for LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn Rimes? Really? There is a picture of them getting all snuggly in their snow gear, and a caption saying that LeAnn gave him an “antique box with 50 reasons why I love him”, for Christmas. Are times a little tough LeAnn? Don’t worry, he will think of 50 reasons why to cheat on you. BARF!


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Reese Witherspoon. I admire her first of all for Legally Blonde, but also because she is always depicted as this super mom, who is an A list actress, and always makes her kids her priority. The magazine shows a  picture of her and her son boogie boarding in Hawaii. That must be so nice..

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde (Image via

Flip  a few pages down and you will find J-Lo, who has to be having a mid life crisis or something because she is seeing a 24 year old go go dancer. Really it’s no suprise, we know what kind of awful taste she has in men. But on the side of the page shows a “manny” trying to take control of her son Max who is throwing a tantrum and the parents are nowhere around.  Shame

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez (Image via

I came across a photo of Lil Wayne at a Lakers game, in a pair of camo shorts and ski boots. Said he was on his way to a K-12 afterward. Lil Wayne skis?

English: Black & White photograph of Lil Wayne...

Image via Wikipedia

Poor Jessica Simpson. Everytime they show her in a magazine, they show a before “super skinny” photo compared to a current not so skinny photo. I’ve always felt a little bad for this girl. She does fit the description of every blonde joke out there.  Poor thing! She can’t help it. But now she is pregnant and they are STILL showing super skinny photos next to her current ones! She’s with child for crying out loud! You look beautiful Jessica Simpson!

Jessica Simpson

Image via Wikipedia

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s two daughters setting up shop with a lemonade stand outside their house. I just thought that was the sweetest thing. Just because you are super rich and always in the media, doesn’t mean your children can’t have “normal” lives. Props

Of course it wouldn’t be a celebrity mag without 0ne of the Kardashian skanks in it. There is a big article about Kim being a homewrecker and how she helped ruin Kobe Bryant’s marriage. Umm, I think he had no problem doing that on his own. And I really just don’t care about the Kardashians enough to read this article, so I can’t tell you much about it.

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I stopped and read about how those skinny bitches on the cover planned to get skinnier but it’s nothing I think I’m going to try. I’m not going to try and eat what they say they eat, because I know they don’t even eat. How else are they supposed to make it big in Hollywood?

Katy and Russell are getting divorced..Jada’s secret divorce talks..blah blah blah.. we all saw that coming…and then flip the page and there are about 10 pages of what  the celebrity weddings are going to be like this year and what gowns they will be wearing.  That’s just cruel!

Okay, I said I don’t care about the Kardashians, but “Slimey Scott hits on a sales girl” LMAO! Kourtney, you are D-U-M-B!

Really? Are we still talking about Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo? They must be a space filler. I hope..But that’s okay Nick, you can fill my page…

Nick Lachey

A stupid story about Bristol Palin..Where the stars go to escape.. Inside someone’s celebrity home, and poking fun at fashion disasters. Of course these magazines wouldn’t be complete without all of those included.

As long as they keep making them, I will keep reading them. How else am I supposed to know what it’s like to be rich, beautiful and famous? Sometimes I feel like I need to get a life and not even care, but we are bombarded with it daily and it can make good conversation with others who share the same interest of stalking celebrities!

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C’est la vie!

I haven’t been much in the mood for writing these days. Haven’t really felt passionate about anything. Maybe I am going through something, and I am hoping to dig deep and pull myself out of it.

In the past couple of months I have not been dealt a good hand.  I’ve had to face some emotionally difficult situations, and relive some painful memories. I have also been trying to get myself on a career path that seems to be taking forever, but also  financially it seems almost impossible. The company I work for is struggling financially and it’s affecting all of it’s employees. I see my co-workers unhappy and that pains me, since work has usually been a place for me to escape but it’s been hard because as they say “misery loves company”. And since I am an emotional eater, I have completely disregarded my health by cramming whatever I can down my throat on a daily basis and not exercising.

I know things could be worse, I understand that, but this is my reality for the moment and I would never minimize any one else’s situation. I am not looking for sympathy, merely just venting. I guess you could call this a therapy session! I have endured many emotionally crippling  things already in my life thus far. A near fatal car accident, loss of a child, death of a parent, and a substance abuse problem of a close family member..and I am sure that this is just another bump in the road,  but how many more bumps can my vehicle handle before it falls apart?

The answer to that is maintenance. Just like a car needs maintenance to prevent it from falling apart, I also need to maintain myself. Take care of my health, continue with my goals even if they do have to be put on hold for a while, and do my very best that I can at the job I have now despite the situation and low morale.

So, if you too are struggling, remember that this is life! We are going to go on a roller coaster ride, even if you do not like roller coasters.

English: The Kraken roller coaster ride at Sea...

Image via Wikipedia

Set goals but make sure they are reachable. Take care of your health because above  all that is the most important. Without a sound mind, body and soul one cannot perform and function at their very best without cracking. Be grateful for the things that you do have, because somewhere, someone out there doesn’t have anything at all.

And  when life beats you down….lend a hand or share a story, helping others is a good way to boost your mood..if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it you must accept it. Stay positive. I am positive that things will get better. If not all things, at least some. 🙂

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Quick PSA

So, I am new to this blog world and I am sure that there are certain “rules” or things that I should know, but I don’t. One thing I do know now is, do not put up a post with the words “naked” and “children” in it. I am going to be deleting a post I previously wrote about what age it is appropriate to stop dressing in front of your children. Here is why. This wordpress site is very good at giving me statistics. It will tell me how many people have viewed each post. It also tells me how they found my posts. Well, since posting the one referenced I have found two alarming search inquiries. After the first one I changed the name of my post because someone found me on a canadian Yahoo search buy typing in “naked for mommy”. That was not the title of my post, but those words were in it in a much less disgusting way! I was completely appalled, disgusted and mortified.  And just today, another person found the same post by searching on an Australian google page “naked young kids”. Completely appalled, disgusted, and mortified again x20!! So now it is being deleted forever.

I could make this page private, but what I am going to do instead is keep those words in this post so if someone does come across it while searching for  something else, I can tell them  “You make me sick, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself”. There are worse things that I could say, but I would like to keep my composure and let them stay in my head. I would like to tell them that they need help, but unfortunately there is no help for them.

The government cannot protect us from these bottom feeders of the Earth. We are responsible for protecting our own children. Yes, I could seem paranoid about the whole thing, but I’d rather be paranoid than naive. Don’t “trust” people because it’s more convenient for you. Get to know the people that your children are going to be around.  Talk to your kids  about their  private parts and how to protect themselves, especially at a young age.  As they get older, monitor what they do on the internet.

I have worked in human services for 8 years, and I can’t tell you how many people I have worked with who have been sexually abused by, (and I hate to say this), a family member. It happens more than you know. I have also worked with registered sex offenders who have also abused their own family members, or children that they have been “trusted” with. There are two types of predators out there. The one who plans out what they are going to do, and the one who acts impulsively. Both are equally dangerous and just as sick. So please, protect your children. It’s hard to know who is a pedophile and who isn’t just by looking at them (my husband would argue on that), but all I can say is trust your gut, it’s usually right.


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