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Don’t be a jerk, it’s Christmas!

If any of you are friends with me on facebook, you will know that I have vented my frustration towards the poor behavior of people this time of year. I think my last post was something like “the time of year when everyone competes to be the biggest asshole on the planet!” Is it me? Is it just where I live? Does this happen in other parts of the country,  or is it just another example of some New Englanders and their complete disregard for others?

I completely understand that you need to rush out and get the ingredients to make your holiday cookies. Or you need to get the best deal on the toy that is advertised in the flyer. But there is an abundance of flour and chocolate chips in the supermarkets (and if not, it’s your fault for procrastinating!) , and the toy advertised in the flyer is most likely not even going to be in stock when you get there,  but it definitely doesn’t mean that you can be an asshole to others while scrambling to figure out what’s next.

It’s simple people. Smile when you pass a stranger at Kohl’s. They may be alone this time of year and out shopping for themselves, you  might just make their day. Or they could be at Toy’s R Us buying toys to donate to their churches, toys for tots, or a family they sponsored.  Hold the door open for someone behind you instead of letting it slam in their face. Don’t be so aggressive on the roadways, even though traffic is horrendous. These are nice gestures that should be done all year long, but it seems that people are under much more stress during the holidays, (which seems ironic). A little patience, a few deep breaths, and simple nice gestures go a long way to help keep your sanity and the sanity of otherss. And chances are, if you hold the door open for someone, they may pay it forward the next time to someone else.

So take this as a quick public service announcement from me, don’t be grumpy, spread the cheer, and DON’T BE A JERK!! IT’S CHRISTMAS! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Don’t be a jerk, it’s Christmas!

  1. Well said, but Sadly…….I think the holidays are a time for the jerks as well.

  2. I think they are jerks all year long, but the holidays are the time when they absolutely must get from under the rock to acquire presents for all the people who still love them despite their assholiness.

  3. lottoresultsblog786 on said:

    Great post Jeanne! “Smile when you pass a stranger at Kohl’s. They may be alone this time of year and out shopping for themselves, you might just make their day. ” It literally almost made me cry. I am all alone this Christmas and You made my day!

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