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My Life Is Being Ruined

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Because my phone is busted. Yup! Completely busted the hell up! And I am being completely tortured by it. I do everything with that thing. I text, chat, facebook, pay bills, check the weather, take pictures, use the calculator, mapquest, stalk people, and listen to music. But I absolutely do not ever talk on it. My phone also serves as a great hand warmer. I use the darn thing so much, it feels like it may just spontaneously combust at any moment!

I have a Motorola Cliq android phone that I bought almost 2 years ago! It doesn’t have insurance, because honestly, I never waste my money on those bullshit policies. I used to sell them, I know what it’s all about. I’ve had customers walk out on my ass for pushing them to buy the insurance, but what the hell? It paid more commission than the phone itself. And when the customer came back saying “well the sales girl told me if i dropped it and it got ran over by a mack truck, it was covered!” all I could do was run and hide!

So, my phone isn’t completely dead. I can still do all of those things, but not in stride. To talk on the phone (which i just said I don’t do) The phone must be on speaker. This is actually a fantastic broken feature. Since I hate talking, I can just ignore the call, and text the person back telling them I am in a public place and my phone only works on speaker! You should try it too, and from the comfort of your bed at home while watching House Hunters.

My cliq has a touchscreen and a slider. But, the whole left side of my touch screen is paralyzed. As if it came down with a case of Bells Palsy. This makes it hard to dial numbers, text, or select certain icons. So, I have moved all the icons to the right side! I don’t use touch to text, but when I want to text someone, I have to open the slider, type, shut the slider and hit the send button, because nope, the send button doesn’t work when the slider is open. Feel my pain yet?

I really do want to replace it, but my contract isn’t up until March. I hate cell phone companies. 2 year agreements should be outlawed. I could buy a crappy prepaid phone, but at this point it’s principle.

I know some of you can relate, and some of you think I’m crazy. I have become completely hooked on a small technological device. Why not? There is so much in this World that cannot be missed. I am a cell phone junkie. I really needed to vent my frustration. Oh boy! Oh boy!! I can’t WAIT for March (as long as it doesn’t blow up before then!)

Totally Busted

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2 thoughts on “My Life Is Being Ruined

  1. Why don’t you ask on fb if someone has an old phone they don’t use? Or check craigslist?

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